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How To Earn Money By Working As A TV Extra.


Working as a TV Extra is not as difficult as it appears to be and can be a great and fun way to earn money as a student.

What is an Extra?

Extras are individuals who appear in the background of TV films or dramas. They are the people that you may see wandering about on the streets in a movie, soaps or television dramas.


Some people who are employed as extras on TV sets do not have a speaking part and tend to get paid less than those with a speaking part. The hours you may be required to work can vary from a few hours up to a few days.


Working as a television extra does not always require a lot of acting talent, but it requires the ability to be yourself and being at ease with the camera.


Most television extras are booked through an agent, who has been requested to look for a number of people to appear in a specific role. When joining an agent make sure that you sign up with as many as possible, this gives you a better chance of finding work as a TV extra. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH ABOUT THE CASTING AGENT THAT YOU ARE INTENDING ON SIGNING UP WITH.


A good agent will not charge you to be on their books, but will only take a percentage of your earnings when they have managed to get you some work as a television extra. 


Working as a Television extra can sometime make you a lot of money, but it all depends on what part you get to play.


Once again before signing up with a casting agency make sure that you do your research and refuse to pay any money up front.