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How To Get Your Ideal Job.


Getting your ideal job may seem difficult at times, to make it less difficult to get your dream job when you graduate, there are a few simple steps you could take to give you that competitive edge.


Consider working part time in the industry which you would like to work in whilst studying. If you do manage to impress your employer with your work ethics they may be willing to offer you a full time job after you graduate.


Consider some form of work placement a few hours a week. This will provide you with the relevant experience required to get a job in the industry. It also gives you a foot in the door and enables you to hear about vacancies within your chosen field. A work placement could also lead to a permanent job whenever a vacancy arises within the company.


Look out for vacancies in your desired field and contact the companies advertising to find out whether you could work part time. This could lead to a full time job for you during the holidays and a permanent job after graduating.


Ask your tutors or friends if they may know of anyone that might be willing to offer you a part time vacancy in your desired field. You never know what it could lead to if you do not ask.


Carry out a lot of research about the skills required for the job in your desired field. If you do not already have those skills try and develop them. This will make you more confident when you apply to fill that job vacancy. Knowing about the skills required for any job vacancy can also give you something more to talk about during a job interview while you match your skills to the job.


Upload your CV on job boards such as Monster.co.uk This will enable employers to find you and also email you about the latest job vacancies that meet your criteria.


These are just a few things that you could do to give yourself the competitive edge to get your ideal job. You could also use your imagination to come up with other ideas.