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How To Get More Done.

Getting your work done in time and to a high standard is very important when at university or college, that is if you are keen on getting excellent grades. Some people struggle with finding time to get work done and resort to rushing through assignments and this results in low marks.


There is a solution for getting things done in time and to the best standard thus earning you high marks. This easy to learn method has been used by many people to get important things done and still have a lot of spare time left.


If you are looking to get more work done and have time to socialise I suggest that you use the ABCDE method of time management. This is a very simple method which can make you become a very effective and efficient person.


This simple and easy to learn process involves breaking down tasks and getting the most important things done. It also requires some planning.


Here is how it works:

Start with a list of everything that you have to do the following day. Write it down on paper. Write an ABCDE next to each item before you start any task. Then break your list down based on the following:


A is something that is very important i.e a task that is very essential and must be done otherwise the consequences of not doing it will be serious. Such as coursework etc. If you have more that one A task you can prioritize them by using an A1, A2, A3 etc. The A1 must always be the most important task.


B is a task that has to be done but will only have mild consequences if not done, but not as important as the A task.


C task can be defined as something that could be nice spending time doing but will not have any serious consequences if not done. This could be things like having coffee with a mate or chatting to a mate on the phone about nothing really important.


D task is something that you can ask someone else to do for you. This could free up your time and allow you to work on the A task.


E task is something that you could do without and will not make a difference if done or not.


Using the ABCDE method will make you organised and an efficient person, getting more done and still left with a lot of spare time. You will be able to prioritise your A1s, A2s, A3s, Bs, Cs, Ds and Es


Start using this method immediately and see how much you can get done.