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How To Make Money With Your Home-made Videos.


Creating home-made videos has never been so easy. With the advent of mobile phones, cheap camcorders, webcams and other video making devises, gone are the days when you had to spend £1000s to create a home-made video.


The good thing about making a home-made clip is that it can be fun and you could also earn money by uploading your home-made videos onto a number of websites. The earning criteria differs on the various websites and it is highly recommended that you read the terms and conditions on these websites.  


You could start earning money immediately once you register and your videos, pictures or games are uploaded. Your content needs to be original and free of any copyright infringement. The amount of money you can earn from your home-made video clips vary, but with that said it is a great way to earn money.


Some sites that will pay you for you home-made videos include MeView. They offer a variety of categories for you to upload your videos and to earn money from. In order to maximise your earnings it is recommended that you upload your clip into the right category.


Another site that Break.com. This site allows you to upload pictures, games and videos and earn money. Your uploaded content must also be original and not contain any copyright infringement. They will pay you if your content is featured in their gallery or featured pages.  


Revver.com will also pay you for your original videos, the site sticks ads onto user video clips and pays the video owner a share of the profits.


If you have a funny video or pictures that you feel will be appealing to a target group I suggest you sign up today and start earning money from your videos. What a great way to earn money.

Once your videos have been uploaded all you will have to do is wait for viewers to click on your videos in order to start earning.


As sated earlier, make sure that you carefully read the terms and conditions before signing up. Go on Upload your video clips, picture and games and start earning money today.