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How To Recover Your Lost Files After A PC Crash. 

If your PC crashed and you thought you had just lost all your files, then think again. No, you haven't lost your data. You can still recover those files that you thought you'd never see again. Read on and find out how to recover your lost files.


It has happened to many of us. Our computer crashes losing all the documents including our favourite tracks and memorable photos and important documents which may include coursework. I have provided some quick and easy solutions aimed at getting your lost files back. 


If your computer crashes and you are able to get it running again, try and run a system restore on your PC using the windows menu options. This option is usually found under the system tools option, but can vary. This will allow you to select a restore point and will retrieve all documents saved up until that date.


If you are unable to find your lost files  using this method there is still hope of finding your data even if you have had to carry out a new installation on your hard drive. Just read on and find the various solutions.


Based on personal experience when your computer crashes the files are still on your hard drive and there are ways for you to recover your lost files. There are various data recovery companies who have the relevant data recovery software to help recover these lost files. This can at times be very expensive and some of them may charge a call out fee. You might be lucky to find a cheap data recovery company. Get a few quotes from these data recovery firms and find out the various prices including other hidden cost.


Another option is that you could decide to take your hard drive down to a data recovery centre for your data to be retrieved, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to recover all the data on your hard drive.


If you ever lose valuable data you might want to try this software called Recover MY Files. I have used it personally to recover files that I lost on my hard drive when my computer decided to crash. Despite having to carry out a fresh reinstall I was still able to recover my files.


A good aspect of the software is that it allows you to try it for free and you can see all the files that it has managed to recover on your hard drive which you thought you had lost for good.


There is no guarantee that it will recover all your files, but at least you can try it before you decide to download the full version. The software will show you all the data that it has recovered in a screenshot and you can then decide whether you want to use the full version to recover your lost data.


The software will recover files that the data recovery software supports. The list of files that it will recover can be found on their website.


If your computer ever crashes and you think that you have lost the files on your hard drive, think again. You have not lost them, they are just waiting to be rescued by you.