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How To Save Money On Travel As A Student.

There are various ways to travel on the cheap as a student enabling you to stuff more cash into your own pocket.


You may want to consider cycling to university or college. The advantages of cycling include keeping fit, cycling could also help you loose body fat. The downside is it could leave you with sweaty clothes, unless you decide to cycle in your cycling gear and find somewhere to change / take a shower if you need one.


During the winter you just need to make sure that you are wrapped up warm and it is important that you use reflective cycling clothing. If you do decide to cycle to save money it is also advised that you always wear protective cycling gear.


You do not have to buy a top of the range bike you could get a second hand one. That should do the job of getting you to and fro your various destinations.


Another alternative is walking; this method also keeps you fit and is a great workout if you decide to power walk. If you live close by, you might want to try walking to university or college with a few mates and save some money on transport. When walking you may need to consider wearing a comfortable pair of trainers to make your journey less painful. Most importantly observe all safety precautions when walking in the dark.


Asking a classmate for a lift could also save you money, just make sure that you buy some petrol in your mate's car once in a while. You may also want to find a group of friends that live very close, so that you could all chip in for petrol and enjoy the ride, this could make your travelling far more cheaper, that’s only if parking is not a problem.


If you are aged between 16 –25, you may want to consider getting a young persons rail card for the longer journeys on the train. You may also want to buy your ticket in advance as this could save you up to 80%.


If you use the coach to travel you may want to look into buying a funfare ticket, which could cost as little as £1. A funfare ticket allows you to travel to a variety of destinations and can only be purchased online. You can take a print out of your ticket or use the option to send your  ticket details to your mobile phone. 


If you are aged between 16-26 you could also save up to 30% on travel on the coach by using a  young persons coachcard.


Now you can weigh up the options and find out which one will save you the most money on travel.