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There are reasons why you might want to find a sales job.


If you have never considered working in sales whilst you are studying, Reading this might get you to reconsider finding a job in sales.

1) Getting a job in sales could offer you  a full time income for part time hours. You may need to find a sales vacancy that offers a high commission per sale.


2) Working in a sales role that offers commission can also be very rewarding, if you are able to sell and meet targets. Most sales jobs have the potential to earn you a lot of money. The kind of money you will earn working in sales will differs from company to company. It may also depend on the type of product or service you may be selling within the organisation. Usually it is still based on the same sales principle " the more you sell the more you earn".


3) Finding a job in sales can be very easy. A lot of advertised sales job are willing to provide you with training so do not allow the lack of sales experience stop you from applying. 


4) Many sales vacancies offer a lot of flexibility and you could work on your days off or even on the days that fit in with your studies.


5) It can be fun talking to people from various walks of life. If you are working in telesales, especially if there is no geographical boundary you get to learn about others and make friends.


6) Some sales jobs also offer you incentives on top of your commission. These incentives can vary from wine and things like gadgets or even holidays if you meet the company standards.


7) Working in sales allows you to meet people and gain a lot of confidence whilst talking to others. Skills learnt in many sales roles can be very useful in many walks of life.


Now, before rushing to apply for a sales vacancy. There are various things you might want to do first. This includes,  finding out more about the sales role, such as the product or service you will be told to sell. The commission structure, as not all jobs in sales offer the same commission rates. Most importantly, whether the hours of work will fit into your schedule whilst you are studying.


If you decide to find a job in sales, ensure that the product or service is something that you believe in, this makes selling a bit easier. Selling a product that you believe in also allows you to sell with conviction and enables you to earn more money.

There are a lot of sales roles that do not require experience and offer you on the job training. This means that you could apply for a sales role and be given the relevant sales training  so you do not have to be a sales veteran to apply for most sales vacancies.


Those are the reason why you might want to consider a sales role and earn a lot of money.