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How To Save Money On Energy Bills.

I am sure there must be ways of saving on your energy bills, apart from having to wear 10 wooly jumpers, or  having to carry your heavy duvet on your back all day around the house.


I have listed a few steps that you can take to see the cost of your energy bills reduce. You may be suprised that you did not even think of them. Read on to save. 


1) Look around and see if you could find a cheaper energy  supplier out there. You might not be on the best energy rates. There are ways of finding out if you could save money by switching to another supplier. 


Use a reputable comparison site to compare the rates of the various energy suppliers. In order to find the best deals on the market, you will need to look for an independent company that has a list of all energy suppliers on their site. The reason behind this is, when carry out your search for a better deal this will enable such a company to provide you with impartial advice such as energy help line.  The company states that a typical save for a household can be as much as £378 on gas and electricity. Why not find out how much you could save?


2) Try having a shower instead of a bath. You could save up to 40 litres of water each time. If you have a power shower you should also turn the pressure down.


3) Use energy saving light bulbs. It is believed that an energy saving light bulbs lasts 12 times longer than a normal light bulb and could also save you money on your electricity.


4) Turn down your washing machine to 30°C. this will still get your clothes clean and save you money on electricity.


5) Do not leave your computer and TV and other electrical items on standby. 85% of the energy used by equipment such as DVD players, TVs and computers etc are used whilst on standby. When you have finished using them you could turn them off at the socket. This will also save you money on the cost of electricity.


6) Turn down your thermostat by one degree Celsius. It is estimated that you could save up to £40 a year by doing this.


7) Do not block your radiators with furniture this will enable the heat to circulate and the house feel warmer.


8) Make sure that your loft is well insulated. If your house is not well insulated this could end up costing you money on your energy bill. You might want to speak to your landlord about this arrangement.


These are just a few tips that could save you money on your energy bills. Use these tips and see the cost of your energy bill fall.