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How To Send Free Text Messages From Your PC.


Picture this, you have decided to buy the latest mobile phone with all the mod cons. You also believe that you have got the best mobile phone price plan. The mobile phone tariff is cheap and you can afford to pay the line rental. You are also happy with your mobile phone contract and start texting and calling your mates.


You have been able to reduce the cost of your mobile phone bill by sticking to your free air time and text allowance. You have been getting a bill for £0.00p and only been paying for your line rental. This scenario is applicable to those on a mobile phone contract.


One day you decide to check your allowance and realise that you have exceeded your allowance. You then start thinking of the mobile phone bill.


I have heard of a people who have been in this situation. Even with the best mobile phone deal in your hand it is possible to exceed your limits and get a huge mobile phone bill. I have also heard of many people who have to top on their pay as you go mobile phones on a regular basis due to running out of credit.


A good way to save money on your mobile phone bill is to use a free SMS service that allows you to send a number of free texts from your computer.


There a few companies that allow you to send free SMS otherwise known as text from your computer, but ensure that you research these companies before using their services.


One company that has been offering this service is CBFSMS.com. The company allows you to send as many texts messages as you want. Be sure to read their terms and conditions and frequently asked questions for more information on how the system works.


This is a good way to keep your bank balance in the black. Go ahead and sign up today and save on your mobile phone bill.